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Jurassic Park 4- The Storyline


A few years back when there were talks about the Jurassic Park franchise returning for a fourth Jurassic Park movie, certain skeptics dismissed it by saying the movie franchise had exhausted all possible storylines with the first three Jurassic Park movies. But then came Steven Spielberg’s announcement that there would be a fourth Jurassic Park film and that its story was arguably the best one since the original Michael Crichton novel.

Owing to the untowardly leaks of Jurassic Park III before its release, the makers are being extremely careful this time in even parting with the details of the movie. Very little has been revealed about the promising script for Jurassic Park: The Extinction. Nevertheless, there has been no shortage of rumors like the plot revolving around gun-carrying dinosaurs trained by the Government. Reports however surmise that the official plot deals with a group of rapidly multiplying group of dangerous dinosaurs carrying with them a lethal virus lethal enough to efface all of mankind. It’ll be a new story, a new place, and completely new scenario.

Ever since the making of Jurassic Park: The Extinction was announced fans have been vying for their favorite characters from the previous movies to return for the fourth Jurassic Park adventure. So far, only Laura Dern, who played the character of Dr. Ellie Sattler, has been asked to reprise her role. Sam Neill, who played Dr. Alan Grant, remarked he had not been asked to return. Although it seems as if we may have to wait till the official Jurassic Park preview to learn more, fans are hoping to see some of the old cast members return like Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough supported by new and interesting characters.

With a title like Jurassic Park: The Extinction the element of an impending sense of doom and end has been created around the story. It’s up to the Jurassic Park trailers releasing in mid 2008 to tell us more.

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